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Built to Quilt

Posted by on February 25, 2014 in Events

People wouldn’t describe me as a crafty person. I don’t have a Pinterest page, I’m scared of hot glue guns, and I’ve never gone to a Home Depot without having an anxiety attack. In fact, the closest I’ve come to creating “art” is when I photoshop myself in pictures with Andrew Garfield. Basically, I’m all thumbs, and that’s only considered a talent if you’re switching channels between a Real Housewives marathon and a Lifetime movie.

But just because I am not particularly apt at designing or creating doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate those who are innately, undeniably talented, which is why the 6th annual International Interior Design Association (IIDA) New York Sustainable Quilt Auction last week was so amazing. Held at the Open House Gallery, the IIDA quilt auction showcased designers who otherwise work on furniture, wallcoverings, textiles, etc., and had them crafting colorful quilts. The 270 guests were drawn to depictions of the New York City skyline, Coney Island, a Yellow Submarine, or Lady Liberty. Continue reading →

The Influence of Hospitality Design

Posted by on February 5, 2014 in Events, Trends | 1 comment

I attended my first event last night since I joined the editorial team of Hospitality Design—an IIDA NY Hospitality Forum panel discussion, “The Influence of Hospitality Design in the Modern Workplace, Healthcare Spaces, and Residential Towers.” Hosted by Nancy Jackson, president of Architectural Systems, the dialogue focused on the ways in which principles of hospitality design are driving the design of spaces that are not typically considered part of the category.

The event took place at upscale, private workspace collective The NeueHouse, located in Gramercy Park in New York. A 50,000-square-foot space with an industrial-chic interior designed by David Rockwell of Rockwell Group, NeueHouse combines both work and social spaces, making it the perfect backdrop for the evening’s discussion, which attracted approximately 150 attendees.

“Experience is the new expectation,” Jackson said, and the panelists agreed. She was joined by a group of high-profile professionals, including Annie Lee of Environetics; Michael Samuelian of Related Companies (who is responsible for urban planning and architectural design of the $15-billion Hudson Yards redevelopment project in Manhattan); Barry Richards of Rockwell Group; and Bradley Rim of Andrew Fredman Architect. Continue reading →

May on My Mind

Posted by on January 22, 2014 in Events

As I left the snowy East Coast, I began to dream of warm weather (and found it in LA for CitySCENE and the NEWH Regional Tradeshow, tonight and tomorrow respectively). In my thoughts, I realized HD Expo in Las Vegas May 14-16th is going to be here before we know it. The conference sessions are about 90 percent complete, and if I can brag for a second, we have another stellar lineup:

Brand leaders from Morgans Hotel Group, Commune Hotels + Resorts, and Generator Hostels discussing targeting the influential and ever evolving Millennial customer.

Our signature event, HD/ISHP Owners’ Roundtable, with some 30 hotel brand executives, owners, and developers.

Keynoter Michael Bedner, chairman of the board of HBA, discussing his  career highlights with HD’s Michael Adams.

Bringing our story from the December issue to life, one panel dives into the largest hospitality construction project in the world—in Makkah.

Chef Michael Mina with AvroKO’s Adam Farmerie, and chef Victor Albisu and CORE’s Allison Cooke, will give insight to successful designer-chef collaborations. Continue reading →

Make it Meaningful

Posted by on January 8, 2014 in Events | 5 comments

By Jessica Blotter

It’s not surprise that today’s boutique hotel brand must go beyond design as a differentiator to engage the new global consumer. Meaningful experience is the new design and it’s here to stay.

“The experience has to be the differentiator. Design is the price of admission,” says Niki Leondakis, CEO of Commune Hotels + Resorts (the parent company of the merger between Joie de Vivre and Thompson Hotels). “It’s about experiential programming—you have to have experiences that are memorable and lasting.”

And one way to create memorable experience, is to make it meaningful.

According to the Meaningful Brands Index (Mbi), the first global analytical framework that measures consumer perception and brands across 700 brands, 134,000 consumers, and 23 countries, in order for a brand to be meaningful, it needs to improve the quality of people’s lives in a tangible, substantial, and fulfilling way.

Consumers want brands to provide value to their lives—while also showing commitment to society and the environment. Continue reading →

What the New Year Brings

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It’s a new year and a new season of awards! And one of the events we look forward to the most at HD is the 10th annual Hospitality Design (HD) Awards, which honors the industry’s best projects and the teams behind them.

Suite_President's Suite#3D0

Open to designs completed between December 1, 2012 and March 5, 2014, this year’s program now includes 20 categories, such as Hotel—upscale, midscale/economy, and the newly added boutique/lifestyle distinction, Spa, Sustainable Project, Student Project, and Restaurant (both upscale and casual/quickservice). The winning projects, selected by an esteemed jury of industry professionals, will be featured in the June issue of HD, and feted at a ceremony on June 4th at the Grand Hyatt New York.

Superior (Red) Bedroom

Entries are due March 5th! For submission forms or more information, click here, and submit your project by registering here.

Master Bedroom looking #3D1 Continue reading →