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Best Booth Winners Announced

Posted by on May 15, 2014 in Events, Trends | 1 comment

We are in the midst of HD Expo 2014 at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. While the show began on Wednesday, exhibitors have been here since Sunday working on their booths. Because this is my first show, I didn’t realize the time and muscle that goes into creating an attractive booth that is both inviting and shows off all the amazing products. And of course, to get it to from the bare bones it starts with to a whole concept isn’t easy.

One of the best parts of HD Expo is our Best Booth competition. The show is only three days, but exhibitors plan their booths months in advance. This year, our Best Booth judges were sent out to the show floor before it opened yesterday, getting to see all the booths in the massive show space. Kellie Sirna of Studio 11, Nicole Dalton of Dalton Steelman Arias & Associates, and Daniel Hyde of West Financial Corporation, were tasked with the challenge of finding the most unique, clever, and thoughtful spaces. Continue reading →

Talking Food Halls

Posted by on May 8, 2014 in Events

Last week, HD partnered again with culinary trade organization Culintro for another design panel in New York. Dubbed Food + Design: New York’s Nouveau Food Halls, more than 175 people turned out to hear the design-owner collaborators behind two of the city’s more recent examples of the trend: Gotham West Market and the Plaza Food Hall, both of which take inspiration from the many international food markets, from London to Asia. The panelists—Adam Farmerie, AvroKO; Christopher Jaskiewicz, Gotham Organization; Jeffrey Beers, Jeffrey Beers International; and Kristin Franzese, the Plaza Food Hall—delved into their process, from the design to operations and the difficult task of choosing the vendors. As Beers said: “It’s like a dinner party; you don’t only have to decide who’s coming, but who’s sitting next to who.” And to kick off the session, I quickly shared a few restaurant design trends straight from the pages of the magazine, and most recently, from poring over the submissions of our HD Awards. Continue reading →

Getting Social at HD Expo

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We’re 13 days way from HD Expo at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, but we’ve been working on the show for months—since last year’s show ended.

For the past few months I, myself, have been involved in a little show prep, working with Morgans Hotel Group and our exhibitors on planning the HD Social Hub—in Booth #1955 if you want to stop by for a respite from the show floor.

PrintIt was my first foray as a point person responsible for managing the HD team’s intentions, Morgans’ vision (which is inspired by the group’s design for the new Delano Mandalay Bay), and what our exhibitors had available to share with us. While I was nervous at first about how things would come together in a few months,  my apprehension was for naught. We are lucky enough to have some of the best brands and designers contribute their bespoke products for the booth, including Restoration Hardware, Durkan, Valley Forge Fabrics, D’Style, Arteriors, Palecek, Design Within Reach, Kalisher, and Bernhardt. Continue reading →

Sky High at High Point Market

Posted by on April 9, 2014 in Events

I almost didn’t make it to High Point Market.

Two hours before my flight was scheduled to depart from New York City for Greensboro, North Carolina, it was cancelled. The only thing I could do was momentarily freak out to my co-worker, Managing Editor Katie Kervin, exclaiming via Gchat that I had to find a way to get to the “Furniture Capital of the of the World.” Her advice was to start looking for rental car services. I think she was joking.

Luckily, it didn’t come to that. I did make it to the NEWH North Carolina’s second Hospitality Designers Day at High Point Market on time and without too much drama.


The NEWH Hospitality Designer Day Crew enjoying some art.

To understand High Point Market, you have to understand High Point, North Carolina. The city has a population of a little more than 100,000, and it’s all about furniture. Continue reading →

Jury Duty: A Musing on HD Awards Deliberations

Posted by on April 2, 2014 in Events, Projects

“It felt put together; authentic.”

“It was the architecture that got it on my list.”

“Even the way the grain of the wood is pronounced; it’s beautiful.”

These are some of the comments we heard while the judges deliberated on this year’s stellar HD Awards submissions this past Monday. Having managed the submissions process, personally looking through each and every one of the nearly 400 entries, I knew what a challenge our jury members had ahead of them.

This is serious business. Our panel of judges from left: Robert Polacek, Puccini Group; Hal Goldstein, Janson Goldstein; Glenn Wilson, Marriott International; David Davis, Rottet Studio; and Michael Medzigian, Watermark Capital Partners

This is serious business. Our panel of judges from left: Robert Polacek, Puccini Group; Hal Goldstein, Janson Goldstein; Glenn Wilson, Marriott International; David Davis, Rottet Studio; and Michael Medzigian, Watermark Capital Partners

“These are pretty unique spaces.”

“What do you do with old roadside motels? Vacant office space? Old malls? It’s solving a problem.”

“It takes a lot to get to that level of simplicity.”

The HD staff gathered at Grupo Habita’s first U.S. Continue reading →