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 We were very proud of this year's HD Award festivities.  The presentation came off almost without a hitch (I said "almost"–see below), the party had a great buzz, and the after-party, thanks to the generosity of the owners of the Aspen Social Club, was extended until the early hours of the next morning.  A few memories, from my onstage perch:
•    The sweet graciousness of the student winner and finalists, all from Iowa State. 
•    The delighted crew from Citizen M Hotel in Amsterdam, coming up three times to be honored for their work.
•     Another three-time crew: the Design team from Morgans Hotel Group, led by Mari Balestrazzi, and their group exuberance
•    The graceful impromptu minuet by Drew Nieporent and Stephanie Goto to celebrate winning Best Fine Dining Restaurant, their collaboration, Corton
•    Eric Suquet's great animated graphic segment that opened the show with incredible finesse
•    The number of significant younger designers who were honored, suggesting a new generation of creative, experimental spirits coming into their own.
  Greatly missed were Andree Putman, a finalist for her redo of New York City's Morgans Hotel and Clodagh, winner of Best Luxury Hotel Guestroom/Suites for Miraval in Catalina, Arizona. (She also took Best of Show.) Putman was unable to make the trip from Paris, but she'll be with us in spirit in our August issue when she'll be among our HD 13–a baker's dozen of intriguing industry folk.  And Clodagh was in Fort Lauderdale, launching her new W hotel, a totally understandable excuse.   As for what didn't go right was the omission of a handful of people who should have been called to the stage, but were not, thanks entirely to my myopia.  I beg their forgiveness, and list them here for all the world to see. 

Orit Kaufman and Anurag Nema, NEMA Workshop

Peter Bafitis and Carmi Bee, RKT&B Architecture

Sorry, folks, and congratulations.  See you all next year!  

p.s. And thanks again to Jana for all of her very hard work in making this such a success.

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