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Serene in Soho

Posted by on June 17, 2009 in Uncategorized

I’m not sure if it’s just me, but every time I speak with Clodagh for more than five minutes I leave wanting to simplify my life. Clean out my closets and files, start wearing only black, become Vegan, get a cool brogue…but alas, the spell inevitably wears off, and I’m back under a cluttered inbox, a pile of clothes, and a rather nondescript New York accent in no time.

Well the “queen of serene” strikes again. This time I met up with her for a walk-through of her latest, Yoga Work’s new Soho location. Clodagh, sustainable materials, and a yoga studio? My inner hippie didn’t stand a chance! I’m pretty sure I left this amazing space with some sort of promise to sign up for 200-hour teacher training, an appointment with a psychic, and I must admit, my aura is feeling particularly cleansed.

Clodagh has paid attention to all the details here: ceilings were really important, as many has been the time that a student needed a pleasant distraction from Plow Pose; transitions were honored throughout; and I wouldn’t be surprised if many New York City women sign up for this place just to get ready in the the locker room (or retreat, as they call it).

Inside of Studio 3



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