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Swiss Textiles Land in the Big Apple

Posted by on July 8, 2009 in Products, Sustainability

By Jana Schiowitz

Every few months, I get the chance to see the latest and greatest in product at the very many showrooms at Manhattan’s D&D building. Last week I walked into the new Creation Baumann showroom, the first in the United States, and was drawn in by both the rich colors (a throw sprawled out on a chair like a dress drew me in immediately) and the amazing view (the natural light from the surrounding windows played well with the fabrics). The company is very excited about its debut and I am too (the company was represented by independent showroom partners in the city before). For those of you who don’t know Creation Baumann, here’s the story. The Swiss company (based in Langenthal) is a family affair with operations run by the family’s fourth generation, Philippe Baumann. There is so much to choose from for the hospitality and residential markets from upholstery to window treatments and the new launches of product seemed to be endless! I loved looking at all of the new products, but was even more eager to learn about the company’s contribution to sustainability. Some of the green highlights include no usage of PVC yarns, recipient of the Oeko-Tex Institute certification, and the company maintains a neutralization plant to process wastewater from the dyeing process.

Here’s the Creation Baumann staff with some photos of the new showroom


From left: Harry Persaud sales specialist; Dagy Huskic, showroom manager; Rolf Tschan, market manager who came to visit from the Creation Baumann headquarters in Switzerland; and Ranae Ahrens managing director in the United States.


Look up and down at all of these colors!


And now, for some new products…


Silver&Steel is a new collection that helps to regulate light and temperature in a space with a protective coating on Silver and then for Steel, a thin layer of the material is placed on the fabric to help reflect less light from the sun.


Take a peak at…Peak. This is a new burnout design fabric for window treatments offered in eight colors. The fabric is flowing and is a blend of polyester and viscose.

Welcome to New York City!

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