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Don’t Forget the Toilet Paper

Posted by on August 18, 2009 in The Economy | 11 comments

How do you make a dollar go a long way in a struggling economy if you are a hotel? How about offering a package that includes a stay with nothing but the bed? Yes, you heard me right. Gather your sleeping bag and camping supplies, it’s time to check in to the Rancho Bernardo Inn Golf Resort & Spa.

At this San Diego inn, which just went through a $25 million dollar renovation, guests could opt for the special package, the Survivor Package, offering a truly “tentalizing” experience. Never slept in a tent? You have before but want to try it indoors? For just $19 a night, the inn will remove the mattress, frame, headboard, and pretty much everything else so that you could sleep in one of the 287 guestrooms in a tent as shown below.


And as guests give up certain amenities, the price drops.

The inn’s website asks “How Low Will You Go? Name your price with our Survivor Package!”:
$199 without breakfast
$179 without honor bar
$159 without A/C or heat
$139 without pillows
$109 without sheets
$89 without lights
$59 without linens
$39 without toiletries
$19 without bed

Just remember, no campfires allowed. But bring on the Kumbaya!


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