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Lazy Summer Days

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We’ve become a little tired this summer of doing things like “putting out a magazine”, so we thought we’d hand off an issue to an industry superstar so we could head to the beach! OK, so not exactly, but we are handing over the editor-in-chief reigns to our friend Roger Thomas from Wynn Design and Development for our November issue. Roger came to our New York City offices to pour over almost 40 projects that we had collected, to come out with a feature well of design projects that is as tasteful as it is diverse. Over the course of a few hours we pondered everything from the difference between hand-drawn and CAD work, to the history of hotels, and most importantly, what exactly were those figs from Otto’s marinated in??

We’re extremely excited as this is our first Guest Editor Issue, and we’ll be working hard over the next few months to bring you a collaborative effort between Roger and HD. Stay tuned!


  1. Fun times were had by all and all the work worth it as her daughter told her "thanks, mom! This was the BEST party EVER!" Can't beat that! Great job, Jules!

    Sidenote: This theme would also work for a bachelorette party, wedding shower or adult birthday.

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