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Take Cover

Posted by on August 28, 2009 in Projects | 2 comments

I followed my normal routine this morning–took a shower, had some breakfast, and watched the news for what’s going on in the world. Not only did I hear that it was going to rain here in New York City (this is not news to me since the whole summer has been washed out) but also, yet another fire has struck California. This time, affecting my family’s turf–Rancho Palos Verdes. I called my uncle immediately to see if evacuations were taking place; what the scene was like; and of course, how he was dealing with this. He let me know that the fire was being contained and everyone was remaining calm. But what he also let me know was that nearby resort, Terranea, was helping evacuees and their pets by offering them a place to stay. “We made the decision as soon as we saw the situation on the news,” said Terranea Resort spokeswoman Wendy Haase.

A little background on the newly opened resort: the official opening was in June and it is beautiful–I got the chance to see it briefly in late May when I went to visit my family. Not only does the resort offer an amazing view of the Pacific Ocean, but also has 582 guestrooms (one shown below), eight restaurants, a spa, fitness center, and a 9-hole golf course called the Links at Terranea (you could see Catalina Island from the course).


Not only were families offered rooms at the resort, but pets were greeted with treats from the bellboys. Thanks for lending a helping hand Terranea!