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Best of the Betsy

Posted by on September 22, 2009 in Projects | 10 comments

I love hotels. I love visiting them and staying in them. Especially ones with great bathrooms. Possibly because for years I lived in New York City where a tiny room stuffed with a sink, toilet, and shower was considered a bathroom. So it always excites me when I am lucky enough to stay in a hotel with a large, glassed-in tiled rainfall shower, or one with multiple jets. That excitement, however, is usually short lived when I turn on the shower and get partly soaked; somehow I want my crappy shower back where turning it on is not an acrobatic feat to not get wet. Which is why I couldn't have been happier staying at the Betsy hotel last week for HD Boutique. Not only is the bathroom beautiful, but the lever to turn on the rainfall shower is on the opposite wall of the showerhead. Simple, yes, but this attention to detail, especially in Miami, made me feel right at home (a luxurious one at that). Another bonus? Electric Mirror's Mirror TV. Yes, I am a TV junkie so the fact that I could continue to watch what was on in the bedroom made me one happy gal. Yes, it is the simple things in life that make me happy.