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Posted by on September 8, 2009 in Uncategorized

There seemed to be a bit of karma involved in my first meeting with superstar designer Vicente Wolf. It was a few weeks ago that Tishman exec and HD friend Ron Kollar called to tell me that he had just met Wolf and was eager for me to do the same. "He's fascinating," Ron said.  A few days later, our November guest editor Roger Thomas visited our offices to choose the projects for the issue.  One of them was Wolf's new Lorien Hotel and Spa in Alexandria, VA. "He's a very good friend," said Roger. "You'll love him."

Fast forward a week, and there I am in Vicente's west side office, chatting with him about Lorien and fully understanding Ron and Roger's enthusiasm. Having long been a fan of his classy (and classic) designs, I was happy to find him as articulate, warm, unpretentious, and expansive as I had been led to believe. Perhaps his most endearing quality (to me) is his utter disregard for technology. He doesn't use a computer, doesn't do e-mail. And though he has a very active blog that receives dozens of responses and questions daily, he does so by dictating to his faithful (and delightful) director of public relations, Susan Moolman.  He does carry a cell phone, but I'm guessing he uses it only in the case of emergency.  Anyone who can escape the tyranny of today's wired universe has my admiration and awe.

Stay tuned for a look at the Lorien in November. As for Vicente, he's off on his enviable annual walkabout, this time to Timbuktu and other far-flung places.  Until then, check out his blog at www.vicentewolf.com. You'll love it.  (Thanks, Ron and Roger!)

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