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It’s all about the President, baby.

Posted by on October 7, 2009 in Events

Monday night I headed to the President opening in mid-town Manhattan to show support for my good friends at Stonehill & Taylor and Hampshire Hotels. As always they were generous hosts, and designers Mike Suomi and Laura Plasberg created a beautiful space.

With a design concept inspired by the 2008 election, the bi-partisan palette is based on “centrist purple”, a mix of Republican red and Democrat blue. The all-white lobby screams South Beach chic, while historical touches like a replica of Lincoln’s top hat, done by the same hat maker, and clever custom artwork, courtesy of Soho Myriad, keep the theme interesting.

Stay tuned to hdmag.com for the full story and images of the interiors. In the meantime, enjoy what was a quick photo op turned full-on political rally on 48th Street. Gotta love these guys. 


From left: Vasant Baliga and Riyaz Akhtar, Hampshire Hotels & Resorts; Tara Mastrelli, Hospitality Design; and designers Mike Suomi and Laura Plasberg, Stonehill & Taylor.


Everybody scream “300 ADR, hip, hip, hooray!”

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