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9hrs Dubai…next stop New Delhi

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By Robert Polacek

I’m typing while checked in and showered after what seems like two days of travel from San Francisco to New Delhi.  I’m in India on business and looking forward to collaborating with our clients and local architect on a new hotel in New Delhi. The flight on Emirate Air from SFO to DXB was actually very comfortable. I honestly enjoyed actually sitting on a plane for 15 hours…even in coach! The service, meals and onboard  entertainment was just a hint of the great hospitality we were going to experience once we landed in Dubai.

Since we had a 9 hour layover Addy and I decided to take a guerrilla tour of the city of gold. We checked our carry on bags with the airport and hailed a cab to the Madinat Jumeriah Hotel. The property is gorgeous. There are numerous shops and restaurants strung along a man made lagoon with stunning views of the Burj Al Arab. Pause.(There is a knock at my door….a bottle of Australian Shiraz and biscuits compliments of the hotel. Thank you Radisson!) After a stroll though the shops a quick bite to eat and a chance to wet our feet in the Arabian Gulf Addy and I decided to go check out the Dubai Mall to get a feel of the local shopping habits. This place reminds me of Fhloston Paradise. I thought maybe I would see Diva Plavalaguna shopping in the H&M. With over 1200 stores, an ice rink, aquarium and can’t forget Macaroni grill the place is pretty spectacular. The western world’s habit of shopping has caught on  in Dubai. Lucky for us the Mall is at the base of the new Burj Dubai. Addy and I decided to end our night with drinks at the Cabana bar at the new Address Hotel under the tower that seemed to touch the sky above us. Dubai is incredible and even if passing through on a layover it is worth a quick tour for the inspiration alone!  More to come from New Delhi… refill on wine and biscuits please…


The address hotel dubai


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