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One-Stop Eco-Shop

Posted by on November 30, 2009 in Products | 17 comments

With so many hotels jumping on the green bandwagon, eco-friendly products are a must-have when designing guestrooms and public areas. To fill supply needs and promote a more sustainable hotel industry, EcoGreenHotel, Inc., a company that helps lodging facilities implement environmentally sound initiatives, has just launched its marketplace website www.EcoGreenHotelStore.com, which has over 1000 products and services for the hospitality industry. On the site, you could find items like those shown below including TOTO’s Aquia II Dual Flush Toilet and T2 Site Amenities’ trash and recycling receptacles including the St. Croix Medium Recycler. The site also has biodegradable keycards, marketing services for hotels, and natural body care products.

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Scott Parisi, president of EcoGreenHotel, has collaborated with companies including Pineapple Hospitality and DeBlauw Purchasing to offer these green goods at a low cost to the industry. “We want the EcoGreenHotel Store to be the go-to source for quality, affordable eco hotel products and services,” he said.

Here are some of benefits of Environmentally Preferable Purchasing (EPP):

Reduce waste and utility costs
Attract environmentally conscious customers
Possible new revenue streams
Improve image: brand and goodwill
Responsive to employee and guests health and wellness needs
Economically responsible hospitality supply buying
Increase stakeholder value
Minimize environmental footprint

Have fun shopping.


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