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The Beauty Beyond

Posted by on December 2, 2009 in Products | 7 comments

Yesterday I got the chance to meet and interview the talented Michael McHale. We met at Ace Hotel and after just a few minutes of listening to him talk about his work, I was incredibly inspired. He has such a drive and passion for what he does. But after learning about his background, I was surprised at how well he understands design and interiors. Here's a guy with no design background, maybe a doodle here or there, but no design classes. He's a pro in everything else such as law and book critiquing. You name it, he's done it and might even still be doing it. It's not that I got inspired by how much he has done and does, but how he has such a love for things that most people use or see on a daily basis and take for granted like food canisters or the wheels on a bicycle. Someone invented these items, with a form that hasn't changed for years and years, and we love them and continue to use them. Michael decided to take something that he found intriguing, pipes, and start his own company. Yes, the pipes you see outside of a building or those down in the basement. Here is a photo I took yesterday of one of his fixtures shown at Studio Mix


To find out more about Michael, please read my designer profile in the 2010 January/February issue of HD. And Michael, thanks for making me see beauty in far more things than I already do.  


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