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Celebration of a Decade

Posted by on April 30, 2010 in Products | 1 comment

I love hearing success stories. People who have a creative vision and run with it. Yesterday, I got the chance to celebrate one of these success stories, that of Chella Textiles and its 10 year anniversary. The celebration was held at textile designer Scott Bodenner’s studio in Brooklyn, right across from the Brooklyn Museum. I immediately fell in love with the studio (I even asked if I could rent it out for the weekend)–the artwork, view of Manhattan from the terrace, and furniture from some of the best designers around. Sunlight poured in to the spacious studio and although it was a bit windy, it was a great day for celebrating innovation.

A little history on Chella Textiles–the company was started a decade ago by Lee Menichella (in the photo below on the right), who brought on fabric extraordinaire Scott Bodenner (left) to create luxury performance textiles for the outdoors (but many use the fabrics indoors too). For ten years, these fabrics have been featured in high-end hotels and resorts. The duo has had major success–from the launch of the first outdoor chenille to a new, sustainable luxury collection.


The new sustainable fabrics line. Shown here are Meander, Lateral, and San Marco.


And the Spring 2010 colors and patterns are exciting.

“I see my job as intuiting what designers want before they even know themselves,” says Menichella.

Here’s to many more decades of Chella Textiles!

1 Comment

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