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Who’s That Lady?

Posted by on July 30, 2010 in Products, Projects

I have a huge appreciation for artists of all kinds. Maybe, because I myself like to draw and paint. I'm certainly not the best at it, but I appreciate it that much more from those who get those artistic juices flowing everyday.

I got the change to meet one of the pros, Xavier Veilhan, shown below with some of his pieces. The Parisian artist is all about the possibility of representation. It could be through digital photography, sculpture, art exhibitions, or video installations. 

AAA Xavier

We sat at Balthazar and spoke about what inspires him, his background, and really, what he's all about. He travels extensively and his art is thought-provoking, fun, and developed around technique and various concepts. He's worked on album covers, installations outside of hotels, and projects for fashion leaders like Louis Vuitton.

Something that really catches my eye is Veilhan's Sophie statue. Yes, I did look at this once, twice, and maybe went back four or five times and asked why? how? who is she and what does she represent? 

This almost 20-foot tall statue portraying one of his female friends (his biggest inspiration is people) stands in an India Mahdavi-designed restaurant in Paris, Costes. Sophie is the focal point in the restaurant: she is yellow and dons a ponytail, trench coat, and heels. But the most interesting part is where Sophie stands in the restaurant. She is not only on one floor, but spans three. Holes had to be cut into the floors/ceilings to allow the statue to fit upright. This way, diners get to experience the art at three different levels. Photos are by Elsa Di Venosa.


Here are some photos of Veilhan's studio in Paris:




Now maybe you aren't in Paris to see his other installations, but, Veilhan will be showcasing his work at the Mount in Lenox, Massachusetts in an exhibition called Sculptural Presentation shown now through October.   

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