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Catching the Wave

Posted by on September 2, 2010 in Events, Products

Giddy up. This week, I went to the Hampton Classic, one of the country's largest hunter and jumper horse shows around. There were 70 shops, 1,600 horses, and a bunch of spectators to see horses and the most skilled jockeys from around the country. But there was another highlight: the Wave by Royal Botania, maker of luxury outdoor furniture and lighting. This luxurious product (it's a mix between a hammock, sun chair, umbrella), set on the lawn at the horse show had many stopping to take a look, have a seat, and relax for a moment. There is nothing like seeing a product in action. 



Yes, I did get to sit on it and relax myself in the 95 degree weather, and no, I did not want to get up. Its unique design makes the Wave both an art and functional outdoor piece. The Wave consists of electro-polished stainless steel and two types of perforated fabric for the upper roof and seating areas. The fabric's properties allow it to block 86 percent of sun rays. When laying on this, it's like laying under a tree in a tropical environment. Wave goers could also swing on it or turn it as it swivels. For interested designers seeking out outdoor products, the Wave is now being offered at a discounted price. I'm even tempted to purchase one even though I don't have an outdoor area. 

After enjoying the Wave, we saw some horse jumping and enjoyed a great lunch. Thanks Novita and Royal Botania!


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