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Posted by on November 23, 2010 in Projects | 1 comment

Want to have celebrity-like access to all things New York? Well now you can with Willow Club, a private membership club. Point-based benefits include: season tickets to all major New York sports teams, including the club's luxury suites at select venues; use of the club’s private yacht; the club's tickets to premier Broadway shows and performing arts; insider access to New York Fashion Week; use of limited-edition, luxury and high-performance cars; complimentary entry into New York's most celebrated and internationally-noteworthy cultural attractions and museums; member golf and tennis; and insider shopping and fashion experiences with personal stylists. Plus members can stay at lifestyle hotels in premiere locations throughout New York—Mansfield on 44th Street and the Shoreham on 55th Street, both located just off Fifth Avenue, and the Franklin, on the Upper East Side at 87th Street and Lexington Avenue, as well as hotel and resort stays internationally. Pricetag? $28,000.

And recently I had a chance to check out its membership gallery and Harpers Bazaar Style Suite at the Shoreham, both designed by local designer Stephanie Goto (of Corton fame). Its gallery includes a warm, library-esque bar area, which Goto calls "a luxuriously comfortable private modern speakeasy wrapped in an understated azure hue and grounded with dark chocolate brown ribbed leather banquette. A collage of historic books and found objects from a archeologists laboratory animate the shelves, while bronze and black mirror add subtle reflections accent the walls and tabletops."

Just beyond is an interactive room showing all of the benefits of the club with the touch of an iPad, where Goto deployed warm white vertically textured walls that feature a landscape of images and delicate Lucite models. "The narrowness of the room suggested that the display to be curated with the objects and art on the wall reaching out towards and engaging the visitor," she explains.

Past a series of etched glass fins, there's the salon, where curved acrylic glass emblazoned with a pattern of the Willow Club logo abstracted create intimate pods to discuss membership. "Distinct with it sensual curving forms, its perimeter walls with atrium like views embrace the room with a warm amber glow. Six private pods that transform from meetings during the day and intimate cocktails in the evening are defined with an aubergine banquettes traced by delicately etched 1-inch acrylic screens," she says.

And the Style Suite, Goto's interpretation of a modern retail space with glass shelving in the center of the room and glowing cubbies lining the wall, will offer members the best in fashion, accessories, and stylish amenities, as well as host complimentary special events—including Friday and Saturday evening makeup touch-ups, blow-outs and fashion advice from top stylists—available exclusively to members.  

I guess you can say membership definitely has its privileges. 

Willow Club 'Club Bar' - Photo Credit, Richard Pare HIGH RES

Harper's Bazaar Style Suite - Photo Credit, Richard Pare HIGH RES

Willow Club 'Salon' - Photo Credit, Richard Pare HIGH RES

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