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Modern Women

Posted by on November 10, 2010 in Events, Products | 3 comments

Last night, I joined several members of the design industry for Mother Earth, a carpet exhibition with works from five extraordinary women in modern carpet design. The rugs were presented on the wall like artwork, with bright lights shining upon them to show the different materials, colors, and techniques used. The event was held in the new Casa showroom, the company's first U.S. showroom filled with lighting and furniture. Kanesly Castro and Rayon Black of Casa were on hand to tell everyone about the company, new space, and product offerings. 

Designers, Judy Ross, Judy Ross Textiles; Amy Helfand, Malene b, Malene b Custom Handmade Carpets; Tracey Sawyer, the Nought Collective; and Tania Johnson, Tania Johnson Design spoke about their works on display, which were inspired by recent travels, nature, and textiles.

Designer Tracey Sawyer with her work, Liliacea, part of the Etu collection.


The Casa showroom filled with furniture, white trees, and of course, the rugs.



Malene b standing beside her rug with tree branches mixed with shades of orange giving off a unique design effect.



Brooklyn-based designer Amy Helfand against her work inspired by a trip to North Carolina. 



Designer Tania Johnson plays with a combination of wool and silk for her rug design.



Judy Ross spoke about her textile background, travels, and rug design.



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