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Brooklyn Goes Modular

Posted by on December 15, 2010 in Products, Trends | 5 comments

Walking up and down Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn, you will find great restaurants and stores. Now, there's a new player in town bringing modularity to the masses. Pop-up store Module R, the sister brand of A.R.T., is all about everything modular.  

The story behind A.R.T. and Module R: Donald Rattner, an architect here in the Big Apple came up with the concept back in March. He wanted people to find a new way to think, create, and collect contemporary art. That idea spawned into the Module R shop, which not only sells modular art, but also offers over 52 modular products fit for any space. Modular clocks, candleholders, or shelving units anyone? 

I don't know about you, but I'm a modular fanatic. As someone who thrives on changing my environment to keep things fresh and new, I was in heaven in this shop. "We liked the idea of creating a venue where people could find modular art and design all in one place," Rattner said. An artist and curator as well, Rattner, along with Aimee Morris, showed me around. I really had to keep my hands to myself–I just wanted to stay there and play all day! Rattner is so passionate about his own art and the art of others as well as being Brooklyn-based (the store is set within a fun, Brooklyn design district). 

Here are some of my favorite items:

Here, Aimee and Donald stand beside a cube-like piece of art, where the blocks come out so that the design could be changed. 


The Palace tableware set. A great gifts for architects, no?



Just one of the many tapestries, with a series of felt modules shown here. You could mix and match them to create custom wall art.



Gideon Dagan Design's Puzzle Wine Rack



A chair from Artek that morphs into other shapes. And yes, the chair is comfortable!



And different options for room dividers…

This one is made from recycled double-wall cardboard 


Here's another checkerboard-type of design


And another…so many options!


Want more? Module R, located at 400 Atlantic Avenue, will be opened through January 9th.

And the cute holiday tagline: "Tis the season to be modular!"


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