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Posted by on January 5, 2011 in Events | 1 comment

For an after the holidays get-together and a little bit of new year inspiration, the gals of HD—Tara, Jana, and myself—joined up with the ladies of Novita PR at the Museum of Arts and Design (MAD) to check out the Patrick Jouin: Design and Gesture exhibition, the French designer's first solo exhibit at a New York museum. (For those in or visiting New York, it runs till April 17th.)

    It's a mix of his landmark objects and multimedia, exploring the relationship between object and gesture. There's the Alessi pasta pot with its stirring spoon that fits directly in the arm, while a video of hands using it plays on the mirror behind it like a futuristic infomerical. There's the Bloom table lamp that literally opens up like a flower, and the Nutella spreader that rests easily on the jar to avoid those chocolate smears on your table. And there's a collection of plastic furniture made by laser precision rapid prototyping, allowing a more intricate design than those produced from a mold.

    And Jouin partnered with our friends at Leucos for multiple light fixtures found throughout. Starting in the lobby, there's the Reed fixture, made to resemble crystal reeds shooting out of the water (it's based on an installation Jouin did for L'Auberge de L'lll in Alsace, France). Upstairs in the exhibition, one wall is covered with Mecure lights, inspired by drops of mercury and featuring a mirrored crystal surface, and the often-copied cascading glass ball chandelier originally created for Mix in Las Vegas called the Ether hangs in the exhibit. All three are available via Leucos' FDV Collection.

The Reed fixture by Leucos and Jouin in the lobby of MAD.

The Bloom table lamp closed.

The Bloom table lamp opened.

The furniture collection made of plastic.

The Nutella spoon resting ever so easily on the jar.

Leucos' and Jouin's Mercure wall fixtures.

The often-copied Ether glass ball chandelier from Leucos and Jouin.

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