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There’s an App for That

Posted by on January 19, 2011 in Events | 1 comment

I was at a NEWH Greater New York Toasty Tuesday last night at the Setai Fifth Avenue (more about the event to come later this week) and a designer mentioned to me that for convenience and eco-friendly reasons, she only reads the online version of HD (which is fantastic). And I in return said, "You know we have an app for that." She nor the other designer we were chatting with had any idea that HD had an app. That got me thinking, maybe this is information we should share again.

    So for all of those interested in being able to read HD on your iPhone or iPad, download the nxtbook application and search for Hospitality Design.  

    Happy reading on the go!

1 Comment

  1. Very cool! I wasn't aware of that either, but have now downloaded the latest issue. Thanks for re-sharing!