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Soho Beauty

Posted by on April 6, 2011 in Projects | 4 comments

Outdoor space is highly coveted in New York. Which is why I love the fact that the new Mondrian Soho has an atrium dining room as part of its Imperial No. Nine restaurant from chef Sam Talbot. I had the chance to go there last night, and the dining inside while feeling like you are outside is amazing (and in the summer, it will be even nicer as sliding glass doors can open up the space even more). Thanks to twinkling clusters of crystal chandeliers that together form a large one, a long center table layered with glass kitchen knickknacks—vases, platters, serving spoons, candlesticks (yes, glued down), and greenery, you feel as though you have been transported somewhere magical. And that was the intent all along: the hotel's design by the Morgans team and Benjamin Noriega-Ortiz takes inspiration from La Belle et la Bete (yes Beauty and the Beast). The transformation/seduction actually starts at the street, as an unassuming entrance (Morgans guests will know they have found the hotel) leads to a long trellised covered walkway covered in plantings and ivy, as though it has been there forever (even though it was put up less than two months ago). It’s truly a Morgans experience.  



Imperial 9_LowRes

And here are two shots of a guestroom and the lobby.