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Green Day is less than two weeks away!

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This year we've changed the program a bit: traditional panel discussions have been replaced by 20-30 minute sessions, giving attendees a pretty vast array of new information and perspectives for their eco arsenal.

We’ll kick off with a little inspiration from our luncheon speaker Michael Jantzen. If you ever so much as glanced at treehugger.com or Inhabitat, you have surely come across some of his concepts: think of the hotel with a giant ski slope running down the side, or the plant-looking hotel designed to function in desert climates; or one of his most recent, a luxury hotel that straddles the Colorado River.

Craig Sean Palacios will share his vision for a sustainable future, redesigning everything from trashcans to bus stops. James Henderson, CEO/president, Atmosphere Hospitality Management, will present his new LEED-certified brand, Adoba Eco Hotel & Suites. And Lauren Yarmuth, principal, YRG Sustainability, will share her experiences working with brands from Starwood to Starbucks and in countries around the world.

We’ve also invited a few of our award winners to present their winning submissions: Darin Sand from EMA award winning Hotel Andaluz, and Steve Justrich from HD Award winning Glen Oaks Big Sur, and Richard Nightingale, a finalist in the Tourism for Tomorrow Awards, will share his impactful work in Mozambique.

Hope to see you there, May 17th 12pm – 4:30pm, at the Sands Convention Center in Las Vegas, preceding Hospitality Design Exposition & Conference (HD Expo). 

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