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Orange is Red-Hot

Posted by on October 4, 2011 in Trends | 6 comments

I'm always pleased when one of my personal style trends happens to coincide with what's actually hot in the real world. So imagine how ecstatic I was during HD Boutique the other week in Miami—my first HD Boutique, as the brand-new products editor for Hospitality Design magazine— where I see one of my favorite colors, orange, everywhere I looked! I saw a stunning orange chair from POLaRT, fabulously bright leathergoods from Moore & Giles, and some warm and inviting textile designs from Stacy Garcia, just to name a few. From new textile collections to leather upholstery to bedding and more, this vibrant fall color is everywhere – and as hospitality design is often linked to trends in fashion and the larger design world, this is also reflected in what's current in clothing and accessories too. 

Orange is a surprisingly versatile color and calls to mind the best things about the changing season: crisp fall leaves, pumpkins, spice, and curling up beside a roaring fire to ward off the coming chill. It's a warm color for a colder season, and pairs well with the rich browns and other natural shades seen in a lot of this season’s design collections. 

So, whether it's a new handbag or a new chaise lounge chair, area rug, or wallcovering, orange is red-hot right now—and I couldn't be happier.

Polart orange

 Chair by POLaRT in striking orange


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