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2012 Forecast

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In our December issue, which should hit your desks or your laptop very shortly, we asked a number of our Platinum Circle honorees to offer their predictions, wishes, and forecasts for 2012 and beyond. Due to time and circumstance, not all of the responses made it into the final version, so in the interest of completeness (and because all of their contributions are valuable, here are three that are “internet exclusive.”

Finally it’s time to wake up and get creative for less.

Jill Cole

Managing Principle

Cole Martinez Curtis and Associates

All appearances indicate that the wealth being created by BRIC countries will generate more discretionary spending and potentially increase tourism to the US. Recently, the Corporation for Travel Promotion (CTP) has officially launched “Brand USA” to specifically promote international tourism to the United States. As Designers, we do well to keep in mind the needs, orientation, comfort and aspirations of this new wave of global travelers who will be visiting our leading cities, national parks and world class resorts. The impact of international tourism will shape how we present our country as a positive experience through thoughtfully designed Airports, mixed-used developments, urban entertainment centers, destination hotels and restaurants.

Karen Daroff


Daroff Design Inc. + DDI Architects PC

There is an encouraging upsurge in concentration on tech simplicity so that we don’t need an informational tour of our rooms to know how to drive them.

Please flambee all those informational tents and leaflets which I have to hide in a drawer before I can go to sleep….use your monitor for information.

Lobbies are becoming a magnet for digital nomads who welcome small plates and good drinks rather than committing to a full restaurant experience.

Give free WIFI or die

Can hotels and restaurants include the tips….after my first tequila I find it hard to do the math…then if someone gives uber super service one can always add on a bit…this goes for spas too. Blissed out after a massage who wants to figure a percentage?

It is hard to say this but I am a blood thirsty vegan (I don’t mind spilling it, but I don’t have to imbibe it!) when it comes to the constant discrimination that requires one to plough through a three page menu and still ask questions to get a dairy fish and animal free dinner…THINK TOFU! EVERY restaurant should have at least one dish in every section for vegans…hold the cheese, chefs…vegetarians can eat vegan but vegans cannot eat vegetarian (Bill Clinton and Steven Wynn, and Clodagh will not be happy unless you wake up. Look at this month’s issue of FOOD ARTS,)

I was just in a hotel in Japan where I had to turn off 9 lights before I could leave the room. Please put a master switch in each room, preferably activated by a key card!


Principal and Founder

Clodagh Design

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