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A Visit to Sina Pearson Textiles

Posted by on February 28, 2012 in Uncategorized | 2 comments

Recently, I had the good fortune of meeting textile designer Sina Pearson at her office/warehouse loft in Soho. One of the things I love most about being a products editor (besides my fanciful daydreams of owning a gorgeous penthouse apartment filled with the products I see everyday) is learning about the stories and minds behind some of the most beautiful textiles, furniture, and other products we see in the most innovative hospitality spaces around the world.  It's pretty obvious that you don't become a well-known designer by being boring or bland, but the creative processes and colorful personalities behind hospitality design never cease to enthrall me.

A shot of Sina Pearson's light- and color-filled studio in Soho.

Sina explained how almost all of her patterns are born from hand drawings or crafting: cutting and pasting designs and pictures onto construction paper. This process allows an element of humanity and imperfection that Sina believes is necessary for true beauty and authenticity. She never disposes of a potential design idea (a hint from her mother) and as such, is creating modern designs today based on inspirations and experiences from throughout her life, including design-related projects she did as student, reimagined as elegant textile design. The sheer volume of different concepts and patterns Sina has on the go at any particular moment is mind-boggling.

You'll often hear that a certain piece or collection "tells a story" and in Sina's case, this is absolutely true. Inspired by her travels throughout life and around the world, anything from a plant to a traditional Mediterranean home inspires her patterns; she often travels specifically for the inspiration and new vision it brings. She's prolific with her designs because her work is woven into everything she does – that kind of dedication to and enjoyment of your work is something we should all aspire to!

Outdoor fabrics
Just a small selection of Sina's vibrant outdoor fabrics.


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