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Forecasting Color with PPG Pittsburgh Paints

Posted by on February 8, 2012 in Uncategorized | 11 comments

This week I had a great meeting with Dee Schlotter and Josette Buisson from PPG Pittsburgh Paints. The amount of skill, work, and research that goes into forecasting hospitality color trends—years into the future, mind you—is enough to make my head spin; luckily I was brought back to earth looking at the beautiful colors forecasted by PPG, and some inspirational applications for the palettes they've put together.

While PPG works in the automotive and residential industries as well as hospitality, these colorful worlds are mixing (pun intended) more than ever due to the increase in globalization and exposure to different cultures through travel.

Their Color Palettes Portfolio for Hotel, Retail, Office & Health Care contains six stunning, widely diverse palettes reflecting the emotions, culture, and aspirations of our world, taking inspiration from fashion, design, and culture around the globe:

  • Fauve, a modern and sophisticated palette of warm mid-tones;
  • Nautilus, a calming selection of altered pastels and soft neutrals, perfect for spa settings;
  • Cradle to Cradle contains earthy and organic tones inspired by the natural world;
  • Idol is a luxurious palette influenced by materials like crystal, marble, and granite;
  • Mad Hatter evokes a bohemian-romantic feel with bright, happy, floral-inspired colors; and
  • Neon Life is an intense, electric palette meant to inject vitality into any space (think lounge or nightclub)

It's an especially interesting concept to predict color trends before they're even favorable; as Josette mentioned, PPG is anticipating that pastels will come back in a big, if unexpected way, despite the abundance of such vibrant, saturated color these days.

The meeting left me inspired: I wanted to go Mad Hatter-crazy decorating my apartment that night. Instead I settled with an especially colorful outfit for dinner; but armed with this new knowledge, I look forward to seeing how these varied and vibrant palettes will be incorporated in hospitality spaces over the next few years.



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