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Feeling ’65

Posted by on March 28, 2012 in Trends | 2 comments

On Monday morning, most water cooler chat revolved around Mad Men’s disjointed season five debut, particularly the willowy Megan Draper surprising Don on his 40th birthday with a saucy serenade. But it is not the words zou bisou bisou that are ingrained in my mind; I can’t stop thinking about those retro interiors.

One glimpse of Joan’s swank apartment, a trippy turquoise and coral dream that might as well be the penthouse suite of a Palm Beach resort, and we are instantly reminded why our mothers hope for us to marry doctors. There is gold everywhere: on the mirror, the chandelier, even the floral shaped piece of art (overkill with the blossom-patterned headboard if you ask me) adorning her lilac bedroom wall.

Casa Draper is even more impressive. Don certainly traded up when he left his Waverly Place bachelor pad to shack up with his young, wannabe copywriter wife in a high-rise. When his kids present him with a shaving brush for his birthday over eggs and o.j. (wish I could have seen more of those black leather chairs in the distance) I was particularly enthralled by the color-blocked kitchen cabinets. When we return to their abode for the faux-surprise party, it’s the sunken living room I’m taken with—the textured sectional, the accent zebra pillow, and the circular coffee table with metal legs that would maybe be more fitting on the sprawling balcony instead. It’s sad to think of the demise of the chic rug, soiled with bourbon stains and uptown dirt tracked in on loafers. But as Don says, “Just because you see white carpet in a magazine doesn’t mean it’s practical.” Unfortunately, kind of like my 1965 design fantasy.