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Posted by on March 21, 2012 in Uncategorized

Last week, I attend the press conference and launch party for LucePlan's (www.luceplan.com) new collaboration with Modular Lighting Instruments (www.supermodular.com) and Ilti Luce (www.iltiluce.it) in LucePlan's beautiful Soho showroom. It was fascinating to learn the history and design inspirations behind these innovative European lighting companies (although I'm sure the exotic accents didn't hurt). This new lighting collaboration marks the first time these two companies will be available in the United States.

LucePlan, the renowned Milan architectural lighting group formed in 1978 with a solid presence in North America, will broaden the company's offerings by becoming the exclusive U.S. distributor of Modular Lighting Instruments and Ilti Luce lighting products.

Belgium-based Modular has been in the architectural lighting arena since 1980. One of the new products available to American buyers is Izar, an striking, free-form fluorescent light available in shiny white or black. Modular plans to introduce new products every quarter of 2012.


Ilte Luce has been in the game since the late 80's, intially focusing on fibre optics, giving rise to FOM (Fibre Optic Museum) which was used in the lighting of Ini's tomb at the Egyptian Museum in Turin. Ilte Luce has since grown to include other lighting solutions such as LED.

Another interesting piece available through LucePlan is Archetype, designed by Danish studio Goodmorning Technology, with a functional minimalism reminiscent of the "Danish Modern" tradition. Available in a number of colors, this LED pendent would be at home in any stylish restaurant around the world.


It's not a bad gig when I get to venture into some of the most stylish streets in New York and meet with such talented, passionate people. I have no doubt that these two companies will bring fresh new ideas, products, and opportunities to the American hospitality industry, and I look forward to seeing more from the LucePlan showroom this year.


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