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Wave of the Future 2012 Announced

Posted by on April 5, 2012 in Events

For more than a decade, we have annually honored a handful of designers, architects, and owners as our Wave of the Future, those who are young enough to be considered visionary, but tested enough to be accomplished. This year, we have compiled another stellar group. Look out for coverage of them in our September issue, and come hear them live during a panel at HD Boutique, September 11-12th in Miami Beach.  

Alan Barr, creative director, Blink Design Group

Ave Bradley, vice president, design, Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants

Andrew Cohen and Jeremy Levitt, principals, Parts and Labor Design

Oliver John Palmer Michell, chief creative officer and architect, UXUS

Tim Mutton and Jo Sampson, founders, Blacksheep

Foreman Rogers, senior associate, tvsdesign

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