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Guest Blog: Jill Canales, VP of Design and Marketing, 3form

Posted by on May 24, 2012 in Uncategorized | 2 comments

Here are some of Jill's insights on this year's HD Expo, held in Las Vegas from May 15th to 17th:

Trade shows are great.  It is always fun to get out in front of our customers with new products, while also checking out what other manufacturers have to offer. I always look for inspiration and see how 3form measures up to the latest and greatest from other companies.

Here are a few things from HD Expo 2012 that caught my eye.


Fresh Paint Art Advisors has a fresh idea! I love these porcelain shapes. The deep forms create gorgeous shadows. The soft organic shapes are mesmerizing. What beautiful natural impression with a crisp modern twist.


The Phillips Collection is a creative collaboration that mixes concept, craftsmanship, and marketing to bring beautiful home furnishings and accessories into sophisticated homes around the world.  This wall art from Phillips spoke to me. As 3form materials are often budgeted as art in a space, I am drawn to other products that are art features. I love to see nature organized. This driftwood, so graphically arranged, has a nice balance of woodsy yet modern.


The Milliken Carpet booth.

Color is back. Hooray! We noticed bolder color this year from both carpet and fabric manufacturers. Many manufacturers like Milliken are now taking advantage of the advances in printing technology to create painterly designs like this.


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