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Posted by on June 12, 2012 in Uncategorized

Summer is the time for cocktails on patios, frisbee games in Central Park, and attending way more weddings than is sane or enjoyable. I'm trying to get into relaxing summer mode, but I'm still riding high on the excitement of the recent HD Expo in Las Vegas, and even more recently, the extraordinary 8th Annual HD Awards held last week at the Grand Hyatt in New York. The quality of the projects showcased (a great many of which were international) and the creativity and positivity of the designers was exhilarating. Cocktails at STK Midtown, one of the Award winners, capped off a night of well-deserved recognition for these stunning hospitality spaces, our fabulous judges, and everyone who is a part of and supports our industry.

Speaking of beauty, I had the good fortune of checking out the brand new 2,516-square-foot Baccarat showroom at the D&D building last week; they were actually still in the final phases of set up when I had my walk through, marveling at the exquisite glassware, crystal chandeliers, and rather avant-garde pieces (one of which consists of a chandelier on a large stand balanced by a leather punching bag on the other end). The giant, rotating Solstice Comete chandelier poised at the immediate entrance prepares you for the beauty and luxury you'll encounter in the airy corner space, and the rest of the showroom does not disappoint. It's almost as if you're walking through a crystal forest, as the chandeliers are hung strategically at near eye-level; a great new angle for me to see the beauty of the pieces as I'm what you might call vertically-challenged and don't often get an eye-level view of spectacular lighting pieces! The new Baccarat showroom will provide even more access for the hospitality industry to their exquisite lighting, tableware, and accessories and I was glad to see some of the spectacular new pieces early.

And now, off to go dress-hunting for the next wedding…


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