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Last winter it was my pleasure to address the students of the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. I had been unfamiliar with the school until then, but if you live in San Francisco it’s hard to miss: their “campus” is peppered throughout that beautiful city’s beautiful neighborhoods and logo banners of the school are difficult to miss.
But once you know the school, you’re not likely to forget it. For one, it’s the largest accredited private school of art and design in the world, and its facilities—based on the strikingly restored warehouse where I spoke—are top-notch. Faculty and staff are bright, knowledgeable, and gracious.
It’s a daunting task to give a group of eager young design students a state-of-the-industry update, especially at a time when new jobs are scarce and the future so uncertain. But fortified with an arsenal of recent HD research and numbers from our editors friends at Lodging Econometrics, I was able to give them a taste of the economic landscape, as well as some geographic hot spots, trends, and a look at the future via our Radical Innovation winners. (See below for some excerpts.)
The student response was sweet and gratifying. There is among them an enormous appetite for working in hospitality, and from the samples of their sophisticated and inventive work displayed throughout the building, the future looks very bright indeed. It was a rush to be welcomed so warmly and to spend a day among so much creative energy.
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