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Posted by on August 23, 2012 in Uncategorized

A few weeks ago, on a lark, I bought a home bar. Considering my collection of gin and whiskey engulfing my kitchen counter, this was a smart move, and something I had talked about splurging on when the time was right. Well, after walking into Stray, a lovely vintage store a few neighborhoods away from me that I never leave without buying at least a pair of retro clip-on earrings or random kitsch like a circa ‘80s Santa Claus tray, I instantly fell in love with a mid-century Danish beauty. The search was over.

Black and brown on the front, commodious shelves in back (maybe I’ll actually be able to use my counter for baking endeavors again), I started to fantasize about who it might have belonged to before it found its way to a Queens boutique. Certainly, I could envision a Don Draper type standing behind it, pouring Canadian Club into a rocks glass, but I’m sure the reality is far less romantic, more likely a relic salvaged from a suburban Westchester basement.

There is only one caveat: I’m not sure, when it arrives this week, where it is going to reside. I had a spot in my living room, against the wall at a diagonal, where I thought it would fit beautifully but then I started to think about the sunlight that streams through the window and how having it beat against bottles of booze isn’t exactly the smartest idea.

With this minor design challenge on my hands, it got me thinking about just how hard a designer’s job is on a daily basis. Not only does it involve a well-trained eye and having the foresight to know what works and what doesn’t (perhaps I was too ambitious in thinking my cozy apartment could actually contain a bar) but an ability to think quickly, adapt, and successfully change the script at a moment’s notice. I’m sure if I brought in any of the amazing designers we write about at HD to my living room, they’d have the whole place dramatically rearranged for the better.

For now, tape measure-challenged me is content to get rid of that ugly armchair I loathed pretty much a month after buying it to make room for my newest piece of furniture.


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