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Posted by on August 30, 2012 in Events

Some 10 years ago, Hospitality Design magazine launched Owners’ Roundtable at Hospitality Design Exposition & Conference (HD Expo), its version of speed dating for designers, architects, manufacturers, purchasers, and brand executives, and today it’s one of the most successful events at the annual show. Now, HD is partnering with NEWH, Inc. to bring this event to the nonprofit’s Regional Tradeshows and Leadership Conference. “It’s a great partnership because it gives NEWH more exposure to the owner and hotel community,” says Shelia Lohmiller, NEWH, Inc.’s executive director. “Attendees get one-on-one time with the owners to discuss what’s going on in the hospitality community today. You get to hear it from the people who run the show.”

The New York chapter held a successful event in June, where 19 executives from some of the top hotel, REIT, investment, and management companies—from Starwood and Kimpton to Northwood Hospitality and Trump—“hosted” tables, rotating every 10 minutes, where they discussed the industry, what they were working on, and fielded questions from the more than 150 attendees. Next up: an Owners’ Roundtable in Dallas during the chapter’s Regional Tradeshow on October 18th, and another roundtable will headline the Leadership Conference in San Francisco, January 25-26th. 

“This will obviously benefit the members just by giving them the opportunity to meet these decision makers, bringing more people from the A&D and purchasing community to the tradeshows,” says Lohmiller. 

Adds Elizabeth Sommerville, HD Group’s show director: “We are so excited to be able to work with NEWH who we have a wonderful relationship with. The Owners’ Roundtable is such a great opportunity to network and the more opportunities we can give, the better.”

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