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Fresh, fleeting Fall

Posted by on September 24, 2012 in Uncategorized

Maybe it was the Autumnal Equinox working its magic on my equilibrium, but this was one of those weekends where I realize that the seasons are changing (beautifully, I might add) and I live in the shopping mecca of the universe. What I mean is, I went a little crazy on fall shopping yesterday. The air was crisp and cool and mercifully free of humidity, and the sun was almost summer-warm. It was a perfect day to wander down Madison Ave and eventually down through Soho, where I braved the crowds to find the perfect new sweater, or sweater dress, or something else fashionable that’s related to sweaters.

Now, I’m not the most successful shopper—probably the reason why I can still (barely) afford to live in New York—so I didn’t max out my credit card, but I did get some inspiration from the new fall fashions, and from the weather itself and the rush of excitement the changing season always brings.

My first successful stop was at the Benetton pop-up shop on Crosby Street, a small but beautifully appointed space in a converted garage created by You Nguygen and FABRICA, Benetton Group’s Communication Research Center. The clothes are laid out gallery style, arranged by vibrant, warm color, and the space is dotted with artsy scenes of wool-constructed humans in some decidedly intimate arrangements.


Benetton pop-up shop in Soho. (Image courtesy of Benetton).

Later, after a stop at Hampton Chutney Co. for a delicious cardamom coffee, I bought a delicate, pastel-pink dress—something that normally does not fit my M.O. at all—and it got me thinking, once again, about trends: where they come from, how they’re developed, how they catch on (or don’t). It seems that trends, or emerging styles, are more about the freshness of the story, the angle, than the novelty of the trend itself. After all, while pastels are one of the “new, hot looks” in fashion and design, they’re anything but new. In fact, pastels often call to mind a retro, antique feel—but now, that creamy, feminine pastel look is coming back in a slick, modern way. Creating an entirely new trend is one thing; taking something that isn’t new and re-imagining it in a completely different, exciting way is another skill altogether.

I guess the trends that have longevity are the ones that burrow into our brains and stay there, get comfortable, and create positive associations. Like, for example, the fact that “pumpkin spice” anything is now synonymous with fall: it can be a little much, but tell me that a warm, spicy, pumpkin latte or iced loaf doesn’t make you feel deliciously autumnal? It works because it speaks to our memories, and our emotions, and it reaches all of our senses.

I’m relishing the beautiful weather, the relief from the heat, and the sense of renewal that fall always brings—who doesn’t love this fresh, fleeting season? Aside from pastels, warm, vibrant jewel tones, and pumpkin-flavored everything, what trends are you seeing this fall?

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