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Posted by on October 15, 2012 in Products, Web/Tech

You’re all pretty social media savvy, aren’t you? Who isn’t these days, right? As the global social media scene connects us more closely and more consistently than ever before, the lines between professional promotion and personal interaction are blurring—with both positive and negative results, perhaps. While we all strive to determine to what degree we want social media in our professional and personal lives, and to achieve tangible professional results from our online interactions,  it does seem that some degree of online presence is pretty much mandatory. After all, I’ve heard folks remark, wistfully, about the old days when companies that had websites were considered “ahead of the game”; these days, if you’re not on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and beyond, your absence is conspicuous, and you could be missing out on valuable conversations with your partners, clients, customers, and colleagues.

Which leads me to a completely shameless plug: Do you follow HD magazine on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn? If not, please do—it takes but a second and it’s an opportunity to connect with us, tell us what’s going on in your world and what you want to see and learn from us, on an informal level.

And while we’re talking about it, feel free to let us know what you’d like to see from our social media sites: more audio/visual elements, perhaps? More dialogue with the editors? Now’s the time to tell us how we can better serve you through our social media sites. Send us a note on any of our sites, or do it the old fashioned way and email me at avanhouten@hdmag.com.

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