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Posted by on October 30, 2012 in Uncategorized

Amazing how quickly things can change, isn’t it? One moment you’re enjoying a beautiful, crisp autumn day, and the next, grocery stores are overrun with panicked shoppers, mass transportation shuts down, and a city goes dark under the threat of an ominous hurricane. Such transformations occur even more quickly in this age of digital media, where one moment you may be enjoying a cuddly, candlelit evening safe from a storm, and the next you’re feverishly reading tweets from your phone about cars floating down the streets in lower Manhattan. It seems that frightening events like these are enhanced in large cities, where dark storefronts and empty streets are less common, and more eerie—and when fear and panic can spread faster than in less populated areas. The whole scary scenario of this week’s “Frankenstorm” has got me thinking about transformation: about change, irreversible change, and how it happens.

Transformation – it’s such a loaded word. It promises something new, excitement, and certainly the coming of something significant. Transformation can be historic; it can be fun (as with the transformation of some 1,000 citizens into shuffling, rotting zombies whom I encountered this past weekend on a zombie walk); it can be devastating, like the aftermath of a terrible storm. Transformation is often beautiful, and is almost always educational – it teaches you something about yourself, not only with personal transformations but in how you react to changes that are external to you.

So now my question to you, on a somewhat lighter note: What’s the most interesting or significant transformation you’ve seen recently in the hospitality design world—be it with a brand, a trend, or a specific project? Why does it stand out to you? And what do you think is necessary for a true transformation to take place? I’d love to hear your thoughts about what spurs change and what changes have made an impact on your life with regards to hospitality.

With that, I hope that everyone in Sandy’s path this week stays safe, warm, and dry.

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