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Emerald City

Posted by on December 12, 2012 in Trends | 1 comment

I’ve long been jealous of folks with May birthdays, simply because the emerald is their birthstone. Not that my own, the diamond, is a shabby alternative of course, but the truth is I’m a gal compelled by vivid color. So, when I heard the news that Pantone’s designated hue for 2013 is emerald green, I was excited I would see more of this regal, saturated shade suggestive of prosperity in my everyday life.

It makes me think of shiny gowns pressed against fair, dewy décolletage; oversized brooches from Grandma’s jewelry box; games of mini golf on Asto Turf; strands of plastic grass spilling out of Easter baskets; and of course the fantasy world of the Great Wizard of Oz.

As much as I relish emerald green, however, I have to confess I don’t think I’ve seen much of it in the hospitality sphere. When I interview designers, I constantly hear about earth-toned palettes and pops of orange, but this color is one I don’t normally see hotels and restaurants embracing. It will be interesting to see how designers respond to (or ignore) this purported trend. I personally would love to sink into a vibrant green banquette or sleep on jewel-inspired sheets.

Wallcoverings. Rugs. Bedding. Where do you think we’re most likely to encounter emerald green in the new year?

1 Comment

  1. hi alia, check out our Surfcomber Hotel in miami. although we chose to use the name ‘jade’ rather than ’emerald’ the brilliant shade of green is an important color throughout the design of this recent renovation…and i agree that it’s simply brilliant! there’s also a killer banquette at the pump room at the public-chicago that’s unbelievably stunning.