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New Year, New Chance to Win

Posted by on January 2, 2013 in Events

You’ve been to the gym for the past three days, reluctantly turned down the slice of ricotta cheesecake after dinner, enrolled for a French class, and already balanced your checkbook. 2013 is indeed in full swing, and along with all those life-altering resolutions we’re rooting for you to uphold all year long, there’s another annual ritual here at Hospitality Design we don’t want you to forget: our awards.

Throughout the past year, there were so many amazing projects—many that filled our pages, some that we oohed and aahed over but regretfully didn’t have room to cover—from palatial hotels to daring restaurants to transcendent spas. Please, submit them, as well as anything brand new you’ve just wrapped up, for consideration.

As project manager for these awards, I personally go through each entry and get them ready for our esteemed panel of judges (who we will be announcing shortly), and the process leaves me astounded by the creative breadth all these distinct projects summon.

Carry on with those wellness goals, but remember to send me your intriguing work by Monday, March 4 to be eligible.

Good luck—on the treadmill and with your submission—and Happy New Year!

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