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Making things happen in Carlsbad

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I’m a big fan of changing your personal scenery, and the idea that refreshing your surroundings can bring fresh ideas and new possibilities (Maybe that’s why I move around a lot? Maybe that’s why I get the itch to change around my apartment every few weeks, much to the dismay of my bank account? Maybe that’s why I’m trying to visit every restaurant in NYC once before I visit one a second time? Who knows). In fact, the HD team in New York is moving offices next month –although in this case, a move from the bustling East Village to the Financial District isn’t the most exciting change of scenery I’ve ever had. Still, I’m trying to stay optimistic!

So it’s with that optimism that I hop on a plane this week to Carlsbad, California to attend the 13th Annual HD Summit (my second) at the beautiful La Costa Resort and Spa. HD Summit, our industry’s only networking conference focused on ideas outside hospitality, is always well attended, features a roster of charismatic speakers, and is a less chaotic way for the top players in our industry to mingle, network, and come up with new ideas and partnerships. Who knows what new ideas will come from this gathering? Who knows what inspiration we will take with us to change and improve our personal and professional lives? This, as the winter months start to drag on us ever more, is great timing for an event meant to recharge your batteries. So I hope to see you in Carlsbad this week, but if not, we’re always willing to take suggestions, thoughts, and comments from our readers. What do you like about the magazine? Our website? Our events? How do you think we could improve or innovate? Tell us here or email me at avanhouten@hdmag.com

1 Comment

  1. It’s terrific that you chose Carlsbad for your summit, but did anyone leave La Costa to actually see the city of Carlsbad and the surrounding beach towns along the coast? In the 1960’s Carlsbad had so little to offer in the way of advanced education and jobs, that people had to leave after graduating from high school. Today, it’s know as a tri-athalon training center, has a plethera of small start up companies in the golf, medical, sports, etc. industries and is home to a number of large hotels to meet it’s tourist and busineess needs. I had to leave for my commercial design education and career, but now, one can actually make a really fine living in Carlsbad and rock the night away.