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Dress it up

Posted by on March 19, 2013 in Events, Products, Trends

I often wonder, what do designers do when they can’t find that perfect piece to complete their work? That essential piece of art, the wallcovering with just the right sheen and texture; the sofa with a back that curves just so. Sure, we live in a world where we have access to much more, and it seems like everything can be customized, but sometimes it just can’t come together, perhaps due to budget, or timing, or geographic location. And sometimes you just have such a specific, complete image of what you want in your mind, nothing you find in the real world can quite match it. Do you compromise? Do you settle for something that’s almost as good? Do you change your idea entirely?

I’m looking for a dress for my mother to wear to my wedding. My mother is a very fashionable woman, this will be her first time participating in the wedding of one of her children, and her dress has to reflect her vibrant personality and confidence. For some reason, mother-of-the-bride fashions seem to be forever stuck in whatever age women wanted to wear matronly, unflattering polyester dresses with jackets–despite the fact that bridal fashions are progressing at a lightening-quick pace and offer styles to match any bride’s personality. We have forgone traditional mother-of-the-bride fashions entirely and are instead simply looking at designers and brands that we both enjoy that may be more reflective of who she is. Still, it’s tough. How do you find the perfect dress that is at once affordable, appropriate for the person and the venue, and suitably unique and stunning? And I’m just talking about one dress for one person, not an entire hotel or restaurant that I am trying to outfit. In planning my own wedding from the food to the flowers and beyond, I certainly have even more respect for the detailed, meticulous, and time-consuming job that designers have in perfecting their work.

But back to my problem – fashionable people, any suggestions?

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