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Posted by on March 6, 2013 in Events

I am back—inspired and rejuvenated—from our annual HD Summit event at La Costa resort in Carlsbad, California. Our thought camp (our version of Ted) is one of my favorite events of the year. Where else can you get insight and ideas from a composer (who didn’t leave a dry eye in the audience), futurist, behavioral change consultant, business strategist, and a graffiti artist, with sunny Southern California as your backdrop?

I thought a great way to recap the event would be to get feedback from a few of the attendees. (Plus that way we aren’t just tooting our own horn.) Here are a few responses from an email blast I sent out last night asking for their favorite part of the two-day event and any lessons learned from the various speakers:

“I had no idea how informative and helpful each speaker would be with respect to myself and my personal business development. Each speaker had great insights into our day to day challenges and future of our industry. I took away many great tidbits and lessons, but one of the most touching and unforgettable was Erik Wahl’s passionate call and challenge for us to return to that childlike passion and fearless creativity. My favorite part of Summit was the unparalleled networking and interaction and the wonderful opportunity to meet and share with so many leaders of our hospitality industry. By far one of the best industry events I have ever attended.”—Gonzalo Bustamante, principal, Seed Design, New York

“One lesson learned from the speakers was it’s unbelievable how much social media and the internet has played and will continue to play in the hospitality industry. It’s important to listen to the younger generation because the internet and social media aren’t going anywhere so getting comfortable and becoming a proficient thought leader online will determine many successes of your company.”—Michelle Meredith, president, Michelle Meredith & Associates, Dallas

“I liked all the speakers but I especially loved Eric Wahl and his message to ‘think differently.’ We are all in a creative industry, but to hear it from an artist and his explanation of a childish sense of discovery and letting go, is a good reminder always.”—Gulla Jonsdottir, founder, G+ Design, Los Angeles

“Listening to Eric Whitacre open Summit as the first speaker was creatively humbling as well as moving. What a great way for HD mag to continue to challenge us a designers easing us to the  inspiration of other creatives—to be inspired though the ideas and talents of others; you use your leadership skills to take that and compose beautiful messages. Like a true composer/conductor.”—Robert Polacek, chief creative officer, Puccini Group, San Francisco

“My favorite thing was that the mood from both attendees and speakers was no longer doom and gloom. Overall, it was a fabulous Summit, one of the best. I heard so many people say the same thing! Erik Wahl gets most heartfelt inspiration. Who else can bring tears to the eyes of so many.”—Jennifer Ramsey, president, Ramsey Purchasing, San Francisco

“My takeaway from this year’s Summit was a truly inspired feeling gleaned from the roster of great speakers. So inspiring in fact, that I have decided to write a book!  And the book is not going to be about this design industry, but a work of fiction and perhaps a screenplay. My favorite part of the Summit was the camaraderie with all of the other designers and industry people. I feel privileged to be a part of  this very special group.”—Kay Lang, president and CEO, Kay Lang + Associates, Los Angeles

“My take away: How advances in technology combined with the natural human instincts and innate needs to connect with people have impacted our social interaction abilities—globally. My favorite part of Summit: Reflecting after leaving the event and how participation in this unique venue has enhanced and energized my perspective of our industry and impacts we make in our society.”—Barry Nidiffer, executive vice president, Chartres Lodging Group, Denver


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