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Working together

Posted by on August 13, 2013 in Uncategorized

Did you see our August 2013 Products issue? It’s awesome. It features a spectacular roster of interesting product designers, a feature on custom product designs in hospitality spaces, and gorgeous projects ranging from a Ritz-Carlton in Puerto Rico to a revived Portuguese farmhouse. It’s a must-read, and one of my favorites parts was researching the product roundup on collaborations, products brought to life through the teamwork and creative minds of different designers, manufacturers, and even fashion icons.

Beautiful collaborative projects remind us that working together is almost always a better option than working alone; the added creative boost; the opportunity to talk through ideas and see solutions through someone else’s eyes, can provide greater solutions than working in a vacuum. As I am about to embark on my biggest collaborative project to date–marriage!–I ask you: what are your favorite collaborative projects, and why?

Looking forward to catching up with you all after the honeymoon!

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