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Toilet Taboo?

Posted by on October 15, 2013 in Uncategorized

Last week I visited the Duravit showroom on Madison Ave to check out their new collections. There were a couple particularly cool pieces that I won’t mention here (hint: Hospitality Design magazine does have a spa feature coming up in December) but one unexpected piece I found really interesting was one of their urinals—a piece I actually didn’t see in person, as it was not on the showroom, but in the men’s bathroom only. The Starck urinal features a lid for a more sleek, discreet look, for spaces where both genders may be using the facilities or just areas where, perhaps, a more classy, subtle approach is desired. Tim Schroeder, president of Duravit U.S. who kindly walked me through the tour, mentioned that this piece, while popular and beautiful in its own right, perhaps didn’t get the attention that other Duravit products enjoy because of its somewhat “taboo” nature—an idea I found interesting as I stood surrounded by toilets. Funny how there are just some topics we don’t like to talk about, even universal ones such as, well, number one (see, I’m avoiding it too!) Still, I happen to think there’s no such thing as a taboo subject when we’re talking beautiful, function design.


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