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Flying Fit

Posted by on December 5, 2013 in Uncategorized

You know when you come across an idea that’s so good, you simply can’t believe no one thought of it sooner? That’s how I felt when I realized that some airports (or their connecting hotels) have gyms and special offers for travelers. In our industry, we are lucky for the opportunity to travel a lot—but we all know that it can be much tougher to stay fit and healthy when you’re basically living in an airplane and out of a suitcase. Long hours sitting, scarfing down questionable snacks, dehydration—it can all add up to a pretty miserable experience unless you plan ahead. And with the holiday season upon us (holidays that inevitably include both travel and gluttony) staying healthy is even more important.

For the Canadian traveler, I’ve heard the Fairmont Vancouver Airport is a great gym for a quick pick-me-up between connecting flights; and a branch of Goodlife Fitness Club just opened in Terminal 1 at Toronto Pearson International Airport this fall. And then there’s the Kempinski Hotel adjacent to the main terminal of Munich’s Franz Josef Strauss Airport that offers a Fit & Fly spa boasting heated pools, a sauna, baths, a solarium, and more. The high-tech G-Force health club offers anything the fitness-minded could possibly want in Dubai International Airport Hotel, and that’s just to name a few. As these facilities continue to open and evolve, it’s becoming even more apparent to the hospitality industry that including convenient, thoughtful ways for guests to stay healthy while on the move is important to the modern traveler.

Do you know of any other great airport fitness facilities? Tell us in the comments—and have happy, healthy travels this season!

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