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Lighting Up Christmas

Posted by on December 21, 2013 in Events, Products, The Economy, Trends

Every year growing up, my dad and I would plot to win the “Best Lights” award in our neighborhood. No matter how many different combinations of lights we came up with, we never even got close to an “Elf’s Choice” award. Still, we kept trying because one of the most important parts of decorating for Christmas, and decorating any space, is lighting.

I can imagine that the original founders of Hubbarton Forge felt similarly when they started designing light fixtures. George Chandler and Reed Hampton first fired up their first blacksmithing forge in 1974 in a barn in Castleton, Vermont and began a company known for its innovative designs. On December 5th and 6th of this year, Steve Rice, the director of commercial development for Hubbarton Forge, invited designers in the industry to their facility to get a behind-the-scenes look at the company craft.

hf2                         Christian Arkay-Leliever, Arkay-Leliever Creative Consultancy

“Our objective wasn’t just to increase sales in New England,” says Sarah Erich of Diane Erich & Associates, the representative of Hubbarton Forge in New England and New York and organizer of the event. “Our objective was to truly understand everyday frustrations when specifying Hubbardton Forge and other lighting products.”

hf3                         Christian Arkay-Leliever Creative Consultancy; BethAnn Krynicki, Dileonardo; Melissa Breen, Dileonardo; Janine Croke, Group One Partners; Siobhan O’Keefe Haddeland, ABI Interior Design; Danielle Maselli, ABI Interior Design; Becky Schall, Group One Partners

The attendees included design principals, directors of design, lighting designers, and creative consultants, who spent their day touring the factory and learning to forge 2,000-degree steel.

hf5                            BethAnn Krynicki, Dileonardo; Melissa Breen, Dileonardo

“[The event] gave us a new appreciation for Hubbardton Forge.  It truly is an art form,” says Tamara Saal of TMD Designs.

hf4Tish McDavitt, TMD Designs; Tamera Saal, TMD Designs; Brittany Kane, Duffy Design; Michael Foreman Duffy Design; Genella McDonald, Stibler Associates; Helen Principio, Stibler

The company’s designers and the guest designers discussed everything from evolution of the market place to inspiration for new applications. As a result of the event, Hubbarton Forge is planning new and even more innovative ways to grow, modify, and design their handcrafted products. I’m sure they’ll have more success than me at creating the best lights.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays from all of us at HD magazine!

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