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Talking Food Halls

Posted by on May 8, 2014 in Events

Last week, HD partnered again with culinary trade organization Culintro for another design panel in New York. Dubbed Food + Design: New York’s Nouveau Food Halls, more than 175 people turned out to hear the design-owner collaborators behind two of the city’s more recent examples of the trend: Gotham West Market and the Plaza Food Hall, both of which take inspiration from the many international food markets, from London to Asia. The panelists—Adam Farmerie, AvroKO; Christopher Jaskiewicz, Gotham Organization; Jeffrey Beers, Jeffrey Beers International; and Kristin Franzese, the Plaza Food Hall—delved into their process, from the design to operations and the difficult task of choosing the vendors. As Beers said: “It’s like a dinner party; you don’t only have to decide who’s coming, but who’s sitting next to who.” And to kick off the session, I quickly shared a few restaurant design trends straight from the pages of the magazine, and most recently, from poring over the submissions of our HD Awards. Afterwards, guests enjoyed a mini makeshift food hall featuring some of the vendors from Gotham West and Plaza Food Hall.


The panelists—Shoemaker Rauen, Beers, Franzese, Jaskiewicz, and Farmerie—with Stephanie Berghoff (far left) and Sarah Campbell (far right) of Culintro.

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