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Posted by on November 19, 2014 in Trends

Trends are generally hard to nail down. This coming from someone who swore she’d never own a pair of skinny jeans (I now own them all) but certainly had no problem buying a poncho in the early aughts (please forgive me). But in the design world, it’s not just about knowing what makes a trend but how to make it timeless and relevant.

Last Tuesday, I got the chance to head to the Durkan showroom for  a customer insight meeting, where the prolific Stacy Garcia talked about current trends, future trends, and how to apply them to hospitality projects.

Current Trends:

1. Midcentury Ideal. This Mad Men-inspired aesthetic plays on the desire for nostalgia. “Consumers are looking for things of the past,” Garcia says, adding it’s about the desire for simplification and a life before technology.


The Mayweather sofa from Khouri Guzman Bunce Lininger highlights the midcentury style, a current trend.

2. Southwest Style. Cowboy chic with Navajo themes is how Garcia describes this look that was on the runway three years ago.

Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 10.13.19 AM

The Canyon Road collection from Durkan highlights Southwest themes.

3. Connoisseur. While the recession period offered sparse gray tones, connoisseur is the opposite , opting for luxury. “The concept is about cultivating a curated environment,” says Garcia. Playing with traditional motifs and scale, jewel tones, brocades, damasks, and baroque are trend highlights.

Future Trends:

1. Understated Art Deco. A luxury quality is pervasive in this trend, referencing the gilded age and playing with a Great Gatsby theme. “It’s cleaner, graphic, and more modern,” Garcia says.

2. Rugged Lux. Again, the handcrafted concept takes prominence. Garcia says this is the Etsy effect. People want to be connected to how things are made and opt for a handmade, artisanal quality, with a focus on upcycling. Smoky gray oaks with rose gold, roughed-up woods with hints of sparkle, and textures dip-dyed to look antique will be everywhere, she adds, and denim will be an influential material.


The rugged look is offered by RH Contract.

3. Geo-graphic. An evolving trend that is heavily influenced by Africa. Motifs feature nature and a “return to handcraft and boutique concepts,” Garcia explains.

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